Natalie KhawamAttorney Natalie Khawam is the president and founder of the Whistleblower Law Firm, P.A. in Tampa, Florida. She, along with the team of attorneys at her firm, are committed to helping each and every one of their clients seek the justice that they deserve. Natalie is passionate about fighting for her clients and is very devoted to helping them seek a fair resolution to the injustices they have endured in the workplace. When it comes to protecting her clients who have faced discrimination, harassment, or retaliation due to their willingness to expose fraud and violations of rule or law, she is known for her tenacity and determination in making them whole.

Natalie founded the firm in September 2012 after having worked in the Federal government and private sector for over fifteen years. Her goal was to use her experience to create a firm that served as a resource for the public good and help individuals who have faced adversity or an injustice. She focuses on helping those who have been discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, or harassed. Helping people who are vulnerable is the main reason why Natalie Khawam created the Whistleblower Law Firm.

She represents clients all over the United States and has won a wide range of lawsuits and favorable settlements. Every case is a labor of love for Natalie Khawam. Natalie works tirelessly for each and every client, regardless of the case size or location. Her clients and their matters are her top priority. She works diligently to represent her clients and has helped recover millions on behalf of taxpayers and the government.

Due to her extensive education, professional experience in both the Federal government and private sector, and her personal experiences, she has developed a unique ability to not only be empathetic with her clients, but to also serve as an effective advocate for them. Past clients refer to her as a “true professional” and “honest and straightforward.” Her status as a dedicated professional has earned her a reputation as a fighter for the vulnerable and those in need of expert legal guidance.

Natalie Khawam has spent years assembling a team of dedicated professionals for the firm with the right areas of expertise to best help clients. The combination of experience and education at the firm provides clients with the best possible guidance to help them navigate the complex and confusing legal system. The firm’s clients are of the utmost importance to the attorneys and the support staff. They make it their goal to make sure each client gets the attention they deserve. Natalie Khawam believes in having a team that takes pride in their commitment to their clients and their cases.

Natalie is passionate about representing whistleblowers and makes it her mission to protect them from unlawful retaliation. She believes strongly in fighting against corrupt employers who have unfairly retaliated against her clients in the workplace. Natalie understands the sensitive nature of these types of matters, and focuses on maintaining client confidence while implementing solutions from various sources. She understands that whistleblowers put aside their own self-interests to help the greater good and she makes it her goal to provide the emotional and legal guidance needed during such a difficult journey.

There are many ways in which the public as a whole benefit from whistleblowers who sacrifice their livelihoods in an effort to expose corruption. Fraud and corruption cost taxpayers millions of dollars and cripple those who desperately need certain government services. The money is wasted and does not get allocated to the appropriate entities or people. For example, though healthcare fraud impacts everyone, it especially hurts the elderly and those less fiscally fortunate. If it weren’t for whistleblowers, fraudulent expenditures bleeding government funds would go unchecked. Natalie Khawam fights for those who put themselves on the line to help protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

Natalie knows how difficult it can be to navigate the complicated and emotional battlefield of becoming a whistleblower. The laws are complex, and the process is long and often times arduous. Natalie and her firm provide the proper legal guidance and support for their clients so they are able to successfully seek justice. Her empathy allows her to provide the proper emotional support and her expertise allows her to provide the proper legal guidance for whistleblowers.

Veterans are also of the highest importance to Natalie and her team. She believes that it is her responsibility to help protect the men and women of the military who have fought for our freedom. Veterans face a unique set of challenges, especially when navigating the different phases of the Veterans Claims Process, but Natalie’s experience in this arena proves to be successful for her clients, time and time again.

Natalie Khawam understands that Veterans face an uphill battle when dealing with the broken military medical system. She firmly believes that it is her mission to defend the rights of those who have defended the rights and secured the freedom for the citizens of the United States. The members of the military sacrifice so much in order to help ensure this country is protected, so Natalie in turn, will zealously defend and fight for the men and women of this nation’s great military.

Natalie Khawam’s expertise is very diverse. She exclusively practices Federal law which includes but is not limited to the following areas:Whistleblower Protection Act (WPEA), False Claims Act (Qui Tam), Medicare/Medicaid Fraud & Abuse, matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), Office of Special Counsel (OSC), Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Attorney Natalie Khawam is committed to helping defend the rights of those that have faced a great injustice. Her determination and tenacity to fight for her clients has earned her the reputation as one of the only attorneys willing to take on the impossible cases against large corporations and different government entities. Her true empathy towards her clients makes her a rarity in her profession. With Natalie Khawam as your attorney, you are not alone in your legal battle.