Veterans Benefits

Natalie Khawam and her team of attorneys are dedicated to providing the men and women who have fought so bravely for our freedom, the very best legal aid, advocacy, and guidance, as it pertains to navigating the Veterans Claims Process. Ms. Khawam understands just how much the members of the military have sacrificed for the country, and it drives her to tirelessly help Veterans receive the medical care that they were promised when they signed up. Whistleblower Law Firm will fight for those who have been denied the benefits they are entitled to receive.

Sexual Harassment

Natalie Khawam is passionate about protecting the rights of those who have faced sexual harassment and hostility in the workplace. Natalie’s driving force is her own personal experience with sexual harassment, which, coupled with her firm’s resources, make Whistleblower Law Firm the perfect team of advocates for women faced with this type of employment violation. Ms. Khawam is also great supporter of the TIME’S UP movement and her firm is approved to receive funding from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund for clients who face ongoing sexual harassment and hostility in the workplace


Natalie Khawam and the attorneys at Whistleblower Law Firm have extensive experience representing whistleblowers who have put their livelihoods at risk for the greater good of putting a stop to corruption, fraud, and mismanagement of government funds. Oftentimes, whistleblowers face unfair retaliation as a result of their willingness to report fraud and corruption. Whistleblowers deserve protection from unfair treatment, and Ms. Khawam is dedicated to helping protect those who have been unjustly impacted. She has a true passion for defending the rights of whistleblowers all over the nation.


Commitment, Experience and Focus

Natalie Khawam and the attorneys at Whistleblower Law Firm are dedicated to their clients, regardless of the size and location of the case. They are truly committed to investing the time, energy and resources necessary to vindicate each client. They take pride in their wide depth and range of professional, personal, and educational experiences which bring a deep level of expertise to each matter they take on.

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Practice Areas

The firm also specializes in the following legal areas: Healthcare Fraud, Wrongful Termination, Guardian Ad Litem, Corporate Fraud, Qui Tam, Federal OWCP, Equal Employment, Discrimination, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards, Contract Dispute and Negotiations, Class Actions, and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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